Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Morning Star Count - 2014/12

At least I made some progress this week!  I managed to complete 8 new sections by adding the border hexagons.

And here is my total tally:

Total Progress Left To Complete
Flowers to Stitch 99 51 48
Border Hexagons ? 112 ?
Borders to Add 99 33 66
Stitch to Quilt 99 4 95

 I am linking up with Jessica over at Life Under Quilts!


  1. Wonderful progress and such pretty fabrics!

  2. 8 sections is great! keep stitching! thanks for linking up~

  3. I love your fabric choices!

  4. Have you posted a layout that shows how they will fit together? I'm curious about which border pieces you add to each one.

    1. Hi Lisa - I haven't really decided on the final layout....strange as it seems. When I got started it was just to try it and see if I liked EPP :) I love it! So, I have been worrying about the border and looking at various ways people have finished the edges. I am leaning toward using half-hexies, but I will post something when I know for sure. It is a lot of fun looking at all the different quilts...but double edge sword...just makes me want to start new projects!!