Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sunday Morning Designs

I tend to want all of my hexagons to look "put together" and yet I love the look of less organized or planned designs. My grandchildren were spending time with us at the beach and they absolutely love hexagons, especially Gracie. 

Gracie is an early riser (like me) so I gave her the early morning, quiet task of designing a couple of hexagon flowers for me. What better way to learn to relax and enjoy random placement :-)

Gracie planning her first design. 

Gracie is so proud of her work and I absolutely love them! 

Then Carter woke up and he definitely wanted in on the fun!
Gracie is so good about teaching her little brother.
Carter's contribution is just beautiful. 

Now I have to get to work sewing their hexie flowers together. Gracie is turning 7 next week and has learned how to baste hexies and is of course anxious to be able to piece so we will work on that over the winter. I am very excited to have my grandchildren contribute to the design it will have a lot of memories sewn in!  

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